Born 1937 Bayswater West London, sporadic education during and post war, left school at fifteen. Began painting and drawing and a couple of years later gained a place at Saint Martins but only lasted a month as had no money and consequently no where to live.

Next few years included grave digging, night work in hotels, selling magazines on the street, potato picking, in fact all the usual.  Moved to Twickenham, continued painting and by mid twenties had shown in London, Europe and America.  Did a year at the John Cass School in the City and then three years at Goldsmiths where became interested in randomness and repeated varied modular patterns which led to an interest in computer generated images and to building painting and drawing machines.  Exhibited again in UK and European galleries as well as demonstrating at commercial computer shows. Teaching and lecturing in colleges and conferences followed but major company sponsor went into receivership and equipment and studio were all lost and so retired to the comparative security of the building industry for the next 35 years.

Then in 2008 Catherine Manson published 'A Computer in the Art Room' which reprised the work that was done then including some of my own.  Reflecting on this and earlier efforts encouraged me to explore the notion that if, in some way, I could work towards anything that I thought was worth doing, now was the time to do it. In fact it was now or never.  In 2010 after a lot of false starts, began to make these wire formed heads.

Married to Kathy with two daughters and two grand daughters.


The Heads Exhibition History:


obscurum homo    in the Secret Art Prize, Curious Duke Competition, London 2015

obscurum homo and arum homo at Someth1ng Gallery, Dulwich London 2015

et ignis est homo, arum homo and obscurum homo at Ladak Gallery, London 2015

robustus at The Bowman Gallery, London 2014

robustus, volat proxumus and calcar at Nolias11 Gallery, London 2013

solvo phasmatis and crudelis injustitia at The Bowman Gallery, London 2013

Drawings are sold through The Bowman Gallery